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JW Steakhouse

Serving the best of USDA Black Angus Beef.

JW Steakhouse Bucharest
Located under a glass cupola, on the first floor of the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, the JW Steakhouse is one of the most renowned steakhouses in Bucharest.

Featuring authentic American cuisine, this exquisite restaurant is the place to be when you want to taste steaks and chops cooked to perfection.

This remarkable and elegant dining space that hosts an amazing open kitchen is ideal for a wonderful dinner, an anniversary, a private meeting, a family gathering and any other occasion when you want to enjoy an appealing meal.
  • Opening Hours
  • In line with government decision to apply Coronavirus (COVID-19) containment measures across Romania in order to stop the potential spread of infection, our restaurant has suspended operations.


  • Chef Nicolae Lica
'We source only the very finest meat for our JW Steakhouse'
Executive Chef Nicolae Lica
Chef in action
Join us into the world of JW Steakhouse! Beautiful, classic with hints of modern, and daring in its own way, the JW Steakhouse combines the latest culinary trends, and high quality products and ingredients, to obtain a depth of recognized delicacies.

Our guests can choose their favorite piece of meat from the Cuts of the Day board and see it prepared to perfection in the open kitchen - where our chef heats the famous broiler up to 750 degrees.

Enjoy the multitude of flavors, textures and aromas that stimulate the senses of each one of our guests.
Guilty Pleasures
JW Cheesecake. Magnetic. Shareable. The JW Cheesecake has a perfectly balanced and soft taste, so desert-time feels incredible! It's The Best.Big enough to share, but you might not want to.

Creamy and crusty, soft and edgy, our famous cheesecake is a pure delight! Beware though, once you've tasted the Philadelphia cream cheese mixed with graham cracker crust, you will not be able to hold back!

Our famous JW Cheesecake it's enough to please four people, being magnetically shareable with friends and family. You might even take it home for later or bring it as a sweet gift for your loved ones.
Let's Bubble On!
Bubble On Sparkling Sunday Brunch


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Bubble On Sparkling Sunday Brunch